HiGHmed Meeting

Danish-German Meeting on Digital Health


The era of Digital Health surpasses traditional healthcare solutions by fusing new heterogeneous / multimodal clinical data types (imaging, molecular diagnostics, electronic health records, etc.) with services and data obtained by direct patient participation (via mobile devices and sensors) into a joint analysis framework.

The HiGHmed consortium organizes a Danish-German Meeting on Digital Health, which highlights modern approaches across five relevant topic areas:

  • Mobile apps, wearables, implemented methodology
  • Data fusion, analytics and modelling
  • Population-wide health sector data
  • Unstructured reports and non-English NLP
  • Patient-centric molecular medicine

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23rd and 24th September 2019

Marsilius Arkaden, Heidelberg

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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Christoph Dieterich
Dr. sc. hum. Oliver Heinze