Best abstract award for Use Case Infection Control

Benedikt Zacher has won the award for the best abstract at the conference “Digitalization and Infectious Diseases” (, which took place from 20-21st January 2020 in Basel, Switzerland. The conference aimed at enhancing insights of digitalization, machine learning and personalized health in infectious diseases with a focus on the most recent breakthroughs and their translation into clinical application. Dr. Zacher, who is a statistician at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), presented a machine learning algorithm for disease outbreak detection, which will be part of the early warning system for disease outbreaks that is developed in the HiGHmed – Use Case Infection Control. Dr. Zacher and his colleagues from the RKI have longstanding experience in building and working with automated systems for outbreak detection. Using infectious disease data that was collected by the RKI they were able to show that their new method is more accurate than ten other state-of-the-art algorithms. The new algorithm is not only an important part of the Smart Infection Control System in the Use Case Infection Control, but will also be instrumental in the further improvement of national surveillance systems currently in place at the RKI.

Dr. Benedikt Zacher during the poster session
at the conference “Digitalization and Infectious
Diseases” from 20-21st January 2020 in Basel