Expert Workshop on Medical Informatics Education Collaboration Organized by HiGHmed

Following an invitation by the HiGHmed working group on medical informatics education and training, experts from German medical and (medical) informatics professional societies met in Frankfurt/Main on September 24th and 25th. After initial exchange between the HiGHmed team and specialized subgroups for education technology and digitization of medical curricula from the German Association for Medical Informatics, Biometry and Epidemiology (GMDS), the German Association for Medical Education (GMA), and German Informatics Society (GI) had decided to examine the possibilities of joint activity. Common challenges for all participating groups had been identified and were worked on in four multi-organizational and multi-disciplinary ad hoc working groups over the two days: the regulatory frameworks for cross-University exchange and recognition of (1) digital teaching efforts, (2) digital learning achievements; (3) the legal and technical infrastructure required for teaching and learning exchange, and (4) how to train common competencies for lecturers in a digitized education environment.

Final presentations of the impromptu working groups sparked further interest in collaboration and highlighted common challenges and possible joint course of action. Key aspects included the need for semantic and syntactic interoperability of learning material, courses, and achievements across academic institutions. Detailed results of the two-day workshop will be published as a mission statement, documenting current requirements and proposing solutions for a future interoperable higher education framework in Germany.