Experts discuss challenges and opportunities of open data platforms in medical informatics

On June 18th, Heidelberg University hosted the symposium “openEHR: Open Data Platforms in Medical Informatics”. International IT architects, researchers and medical informatics experts shared their experiences of using novel information system architectures based on openEHR.

The symposium was chaired by Birger Haarbrandt from Hannover Medical School and appointed openEHR ambassador to Germany and by Luis Marco-Ruiz from the Norwegian Centre for E-Health Research.

Medical informaticians and practitioners were offered networking opportunities and the possibility to discuss both the challenges and long-term opportunities for the use of standardized specifications across multiple sites. Presentations provided an overall introduction to openEHR and representatives from European hospitals shared their openEHR experience with more than 100 attendees from academic organizations, such as university clinics and research institutes as well as from small and medium-sized, and multinational enterprises.

More information about openEHR and its application in practice can be found in the accompanying HiGHmed openEHR brochure.

Speakers of the openEHR symposium on the 18th of June in Heidelberg.
From left to right: Wouter Zanen (Eurotransplant), Silje Ljosland Bakke (Nasjonal IKT), Birger Haarbrandt (Hannover Medical School), Tomaž Gornik (openEHR Foundation/Marand), Blanca Flores (University Hospital Heidelberg), Thomas Beale (openEHR Foundation), Gorazd Kalan (Children’s Hospital Ljubljana), Luis Marco-Ruiz (Norwegian Centre for E-health Research and Hannover Medical School) and Ian McNicoll (openEHR Foundation/inidus).