Experts discuss establishment and implementation of a molecular tumor board in Göttingen

On the 15th of March an oncology workshop took place in Göttingen concerned with the "Establishment of a transregional molecular tumor board of CCC-Niedersachsen". The workshop was organized by the president of the Hannover Medical School, Prof. Manns, the director of the University Cancer Center, Prof. Ellenrieder and Prof. Ströbel from the Institute of Pathology of the University Medicine Göttingen.

The aim of the workshop was an exchange of experience regarding the establishment and implementation of molecular tumor boards. Medical experts such as Prof. von Bubnoff from the Lübeck campus at the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein and Dr. med. Börries from the University Hospital Freiburg were invited. They impressively described their previous experiences with the molecular tumor board of the University Freiburg and highlighted the challenges of data interpretation. From Heidelberg, Prof. Fröhling from the National Center for Tumor Diseases and Prof. Brors from the German Cancer Research Center presented the MASTER program, a study program for incurable cancer. Their presentations described the complexity of the matter and the profound difficulty in interpreting obtained data.

In a subsequent panel discussion, the topics of the presentations were again addressed and debated. Ms Käser (Managing Director Gesundheitsmanagement ambulant, AOK Niedersachsen) contributed her experience regarding therapy financing from the viewpoint of health insurances. The benefits of a molecular tumor board were emphasized as a supplement to a first guideline-appropriate treatment. The HiGHmed project was seen as a great future opportunity to optimize patient treatment tailored to the individual. In the case of various tumor entities, the data exchange will lead to new research results, which could represent added value for the patient in the future.

At this event HiGHmed was well represented in the team of speakers as well as in the audience. The HiGHmed Use Case Oncology leaders Prof. Brors, Prof. Ellenrieder and Prof. König ( were participants of the panel discussion.