First HiGHmed Advisory Board Meeting in Frankfurt am Main

On the 29th and 30th of November, HiGHmed hosted its first External Advisory Board meeting at Frankfurter Presseclub in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The External Advisory Board was established in 2017 with the objective of strategically improving HiGHmed’s activities through advice obtained from German and foreign board members with diverse expertise in the international community.

In the evening of the first day, Prof. Heyo Kroemer, dean and chairman of the University Medicine Göttingen, presented the state of the art in German academic medical centers and their challenges.

During the second day, HiGHmed work package leaders presented their initial progress reports since project commencement in January 2018 and highlighted uncertain matters and challenges which required input from the expert panel.

HiGHmed will utilise the valuable advice and suggestions gathered from the meeting towards improving internal management and collaboration processes, focusing on challenges within the use cases and specific technological difficulties.

We’d like to thank all of the External Advisory Board members and HiGHmed representatives who attended and demonstrated their dedication and willingness to drive the project forward.