HiGHmed Modeling Hackathon at University Hospital Heidelberg

On Thursday June 26th 2019, the HiGHmed modeling hackathon brought participants from our clinical partner sites in Heidelberg, Hanover, Cologne and Berlin together to discuss their current openEHR modeling activities. During the event, data modelling and software development experts collaborated to create the openEHR template concept for the use case Oncology. In addition, the participants discussed challenges encountered in modeling the yet to be finalized archetypes and drafted five new openEHR templates for the use case being addressed. The results were shared within the modeling group using Bitbucket, a web-based version control repository for collaborative software development. This team-building event was the continuation of a series that began with an openEHR modeling workshop in March 2018, and also left an excellent impression on the young participants, who gave very positive feedback.

Previous openEHR modeling events: