HiGHmed receives around €30 Mio funding from the BMBF to strengthen Medical Informatics

As part of the ‘medical informatics’ funding initiative the BMBF provides financing of €150 Mio. On July 10th, the federal minister for education and research, Johanna Wanka, announced that HiGHmed is one of four German consortia selected for funding. HiGHmed will receive around €30 Mio for the upcoming four years to create integrative data centers to promote data exchange and use for enhanced patient-centred therapies. Efficient multi-site data exchange will help use the ever-growing treasure trove of data – from radiologic imaging data to genomic analyses – for better health and medical care.

This is a great success for the HiGHmed team based in Heidelberg, Göttingen and Hannover. Together with its partners, the team will use cutting edge information technologies for distinctive use cases in the fields of oncology, cardiology and infection control. The aim will be to fight pathogen outbreaks in hospitals and to treat cancer and cardiovascular diseases through more effective and individualized treatments.

This success would not have been possible without the fantastic engagement of all HiGHmed members and the contribution of the partners involved during a preceding nine month conceptual phase and beyond. Therefore, our thanks go out to all people involved. We are looking forward to a mutually beneficial collaboration to realize our aims.

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