HiGHmed Representatives co-organize GenoPerspektiv Workshop on Implications of Genomic Sequencing in the Clinic

To develop strategies for the handling of ethical, legal, social and information technology questions, the overall aim of the BMBF-funded GenoPerspektiv project is to analyze challenges facing the clinical implementation of high-throughput genomic technologies in Germany. The two-day GenoPerspektiv Symposium “Next Generation Medicine? Ethical, Legal and Technological Questions of Genomic High-Throughput Sequencing in the Clinic” organized by Professor Ulrich Sax and Dr. Nadine Umbach from the University Medical Center Goettingen took place from 14 to 15 November 2016. Besides Ulrich Sax, several other HiGHmed representatives contributed to the workshop, which dealt with a topic also very relevant to the HiGHmed program. Together with patient representatives and experts from the field of medicine, ethics, social sciences, law and biomedical informatics, they discussed the integration of genomic sequencing data with clinical data and attempted to clarify questions regarding data protection.

Further information can be found on www.genoperspektiv.de.

Next generation sequencing slide
Image: Next generation sequencing slide. Illumina Genome Analyzer flowcell.
CC BY 3.0, Source: Bainscou