HiGHmed takes part in 5th Workshop „Antibiotic Resistance“ of the Robert Koch Insitute (RKI) and the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology (DGHM) - FG PR

On November 14, HiGHmed scientists were invited to present the medical informatics initiative, the open platform approach, and the chances of using medical informatics for early outbreak detection.

The workshop was divided into five sessions on two days with a strong focus on hygiene and microbiology specific contents such as the challenges of (drug-resistant) enterococci (session I), antimicrobial resistance (session IV) and use of disinfectants (session V).

In session II and III ('How can medical Informatics assist in early outbreak detection?'), HiGHmed got the chance to show first results of its use case infection control and discuss opportunities, but also limitations of digitalisation in the field of antibiotic resistance and infection control. Afterwards, several HiGHmed representatives presented their work on posters and had the possibility to discuss with domain experts and interested parties from the public.