HiGHmed welcomes five university hospitals as new partners

The HiGHmed consortium started its collaborative work within the development and networking phase of the German Medical Informatics Initiative. The consortium presently consists of the three university hospitals at Heidelberg, Göttingen and Hanover, and is complemented by more than 20 partners from academia and industry. The consortium has now been approached by five additional university hospitals, the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein, the University Hospital Cologne, the University Hospital of Würzburg, Charité University Medicine Berlin and the Münster University Hospital, with the wish to join the HiGHmed consortium.

After successful completion of the ongoing formal application process the HiGHmed consortium will embrace eight leading university hospitals in Germany and thus will significantly increase its impact in clinical care and research across Germany. In a kickoff meeting with leading executives of all eight university hospitals on April 25th 2018, Prof. Roland Eils, coordinator of the HiGHmed consortium, discussed perspectives of the HiGHmed consortium supported by a sustained organizational structure integrating all HiGHmed partners.

Participants of the HiGHmed executives meeting on April 25th 2018, in Berlin.
From left to right: Ina Hack (project management HiGHmed), Ulrich Stephani (dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Kiel), Isabel Göhring (project management HiGHmed), Christoph Dieterich (HiGHmed site coordinator Heidelberg University Hospital/Medical Faculty), Andreas Beyer (site coordinator University Hospital Cologne), Edgar Schömig (CEO and medical director University Hospital of Cologne), Roland Eils (HiGHmed coordinator), Karl Marx Einhäupl (CEO Charité University Hospital Berlin), Hans-Georg Kräusslich (vice dean of research Medical Faculty of Heidelberg), Josef Schepers (Berlin Institute of Health Charité Berlin), Georg Ertl (executive medical director University Hospital of Würzburg), Heyo Kroemer (dean and chairman University Medicine Göttingen), Matthias Frosch (dean of the Medical Faculty of the University Hospital of Würzburg), Anette Grüters-Kieslich (CEO and medical director Heidelberg University Hospital), Peter Heuschmann (vice dean and site coordinator of the Medical Faculty of the University Hospital of Würzburg), Martin Dugas (site coordinator Münster University Hospital), Mathias Herrmann (dean of the Medical Faculty Münster University), Robert Nitsch (CEO and medical director of the Münster University Hospital).
Photo: HiGHmed