OpenEHR modeling workshop at Hannover Medical School

On March 1, 2018 an openEHR modelling workshop was held in Hanover. The focus during this workshop was the modeling of openEHR archetypes, i.e. the building blocks that enable the exchange of medical data and their interoperable storage in the openEHR format. Furthermore, a procedure for the governance, meaning a collaborative strategy for processing and coordination, of these archetypes was presented. In addition, the use of different coding systems in modelling was demonstrated. Due to the enthusiastic response, this discussion will be continued at a second workshop. Speakers were Birger Haarbrandt and Antje Wulff, both research associates at the Peter L. Reichertz Institute for Medical Informatics at Braunschweig University as well as Prof. Ulrich Sax from the University of Göttingen.

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