Workshop "Data Access for Innovative Companies"

An elementary requirement for digitalization of the healthcare system is access to relevant health data. Only with access to the necessary data will the development of new solutions, such as applications based on artificial intelligence or personalized medicine, be possible. In addition to the quantity of available data, the importance of ensuring data quality cannot be underestimated. At the beginning of March, HiGHmed and the industry association bvitg addressed the question of how innovative companies in the healthcare sector can be granted access to necessary data within the framework of a joint workshop.

At the beginning of the workshop, Andreas Kassner (bvitg deputy manager) presented the results of a bvitg survey. After that, Prof. Dr. Roland Eils (HiGHmed coordinator) initiated a debate, in which bvitg and HiGHmed representatives presented their respective hopes and expectations for data exchange and future cooperations.

HiGHmed presented its clinical Use Cases and examples for successful and already established partnerships with industry. At the end of the meeting, future fields for collaboration like standardization and improved networking between research and industry were discussed. The newly founded HiGHmed e.V. will play an essential role as the interface to the HiGHmed consortium and act as the single point of contact for interested companies.